Posibil – Korpiklaani la Iasi

Bucovina will open for acclaimed Finnish metal band Korpiklaani, at the Rock n Iasi open Air Festival, May 24th, in Iasi, Romania. New Bucovina merchandise will be available, including new Ceasul Aducerii-aminte T-shirts, CDs and free stickers with anything you get.

2 stages for continuous metal, beer and fun. More cool bands to be confirmed soon. Be there or stay at home and weep!

Bucovina. Heritage and might.


~ by arianrod on February 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Posibil – Korpiklaani la Iasi”

  1. Da, foarte tare! In calitate de iesean, ma declar magulit 🙂

    Asta-toamna au fost compatriotii de la Moonsorrow, si organizarea a fost surprinzator de buna pentru un oras ca Iasi. Sper ca si acum sa iasa un show tare.

  2. am fost la un concert Korpiklaani in 2006 in Budapesta. Foarte faini trupetii si extraordinar de muzicali.
    merita vazuti!

  3. KORPIKLAANI…beer metal,padure,bere,spirite,bere \m/ o sa merite …si va garantez ca venim cu juma de c-ta ^_^..bere

  4. da,da ce a zis trollhammer….Constanta va fi acolo
    Beer Metal!!!

  5. eu i-am vazut de 2 ori in Budapesta si tipii sunt foarte carismatici si foarte muzicali. trecand peste tona de bere pe care o au la bord cand urca pe scena. 😀

  6. korpiklaani, oh yeah! BEER! BEER! will be a happy little boozer @ the concert, yay!

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