Amorphis – Skyforger Error on digipak version

Dear Fans,

As many of you may have noticed, the “Skyforger” digipak release includes two very little sound level errors. We heard about this yesterday and you can imagine how we feel. As we don’t have the actual copies ourselves, we as a band couldn’t react any earlier, which makes this more painful. The album for which we gave 100% percent of ourselves, a lot of time and work, shouldn’t end up like this.

The sound level errors occur for a few seconds on two tracks: “My Sun” (piano fill) and “Skyforger” (middle part).

Why did this happen? Due to a mastering error. We can’t blame anyone for this as it seems that it has really been a technical problem and at this point it makes no difference anyway.

The good news is that Nuclear Blast are working hard to get replacement CDs for people who want to exchange their copy. Another good fact is that all other formats (jewel-case, US- & JAPAN editions, all digital versions, vinyl) work perfectly.

One thing on which we also work now in this moment is something that can’t replace the actual CDs but is at least a little relief: Nuclear Blast is offering free downloads for “My Sun” and “Skyforger” via download:

Beside all this mess I really hope and believe you can enjoy the album! You can also regard this digi-pack as a rare collector’s item. 🙂

Warmest regards,

Esa Holopainen & Amorphis fellows



~ by arianrod on May 30, 2009.

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