Mikael Akerfeldt vorbeste despre concertul de la Sibiu

Intr-o insemnare postata pe pagina sa oficiala Myspace, Mikael Akerfeldt, solistul si chitaristul Opeth, povesteste despre experienta traita la concertul sustinut in Romania, la Sibiu, in cadrul ARTmania Festival 2009.

Copyright Alina Vadean

Copyright Alina Vadean

Coolest trek lately was playing in Romania. We played in the middle of Transylvania actually, just an hours drive from the castle belonging to Vlad Tepes. The warlord that was the inspiration behind the legend about Count Dracula. We travelled through the Carpathian mountain passes and it was magical to be honest. Extremely beautiful!

The show was right in the middle of a small town dating back to the 12th century (Euro centuries) called Sibiu, and it was quite amazing to be there. Fantastic even! We headlined a show right in the town square, dead centre of the city itself. The crowd was amazing and there were a lot of people there which was surprising considering we’ve never ever played in Romania before.

~ by arianrod on July 31, 2009.

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