Sentenced isi lanseaza discografia

Sentenced va lansa discografia trupei intr-o editie speciala. Materialul va fi distribuit intr-un suport in forma de sicriu si va contine 16 cd-uri si 2 dvd-uri, adunand 15 ore de Sentenced cu 144 piese si 42 videoclipuri.

Materialul va fi distribuit in 4000 de exemplare incepand cu 13 noiembrie 2009.

CD 1. When Death Joins Us (demo)
CD 2. Rotting Ways to Misery (demo)
CD 3. Shadows of the Past
CD 4. Journey to Pohjola (demo)
CD 5. North from Here
CD 6. The Trooper
CD 7. Amok
CD 8. Love & Death
CD 9. Down
CD 10. Frozen
CD 11. Crimson
CD 12. The Cold White Light
CD 13. The Funeral Album
CD 14. Buried Alive I
CD 15. Buried Alive II
CD 16. Dead Leaves (Collection of B-sides and other rarities)
CD 17. Buried Alive I (DVD)
CD 18. Buried Alive II (DVD)

~ by arianrod on October 18, 2009.

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