Kim Larsen (Of the Wand and the Moon) – Interview

2009 Dec 12
Dark Bombastic Evening
Silver Church

Alina Vadean: First I want to ask you about Saturnus.
Kim Larsen: Don’t ask me about Saturnus![Laughing]
Alina Vadean: Why not?
Kim Larsen: It was many years ago. Actually, I made the music for the first realease of Saturnus.
Alina Vadean: Can you tell us why did you break up with them?
Kim Larsen: It is very personal, I think. Some people will be very angry if I will tell you the details about this [Laughing]. I will tell you if you would like to stay here half an hour and listen to this shit.
Alina Vadean: Well, I don’t want. But did you just want to start a new project?
Kim Larsen: Well, I always had a heart for neo-folk or apocalyptic-folk, like Current 93, I guess it was in ’95 when I started to play with Saturnus. So, from the beginning I was into neo-folk. It was something really close to me, to my heart.

Alina Vadean: What’s the concept behind Of the Wand and the Moon? Did you want it as a “one-man project”?
Kim Larsen: Yes. As I already said when I started playing in Saturnus I was already a fan of this whole scene of neo-folk.
Alina Vadean: Do you like more to sing alone on the stage than to play with a band?
Kim Larsen: I feel more confident to do shows with more people in the background than just me playing the acoustic guitars. This is the second time when I play like this way.
Alina Vadean: We thought that you like being alone on the stage.
Kim Larsen: [Laughing] oh, no no no!

Alina Vadean: But who do you play with?
Kim Larsen: I have a keyboards player and I have a guy playing electric guitar, drums.
Alina Vadean: So, that’s the full line-up of the band?
Kim Larsen: Yes. I think the new stuff that I’ll do will bring even more people on the stage to play the bass, guitars, drums.
Alina Vadean: Regarding your latest album,Sonnenheim, why is it so medieval?
Kim Larsen: Medieval? I think it was a very folk kind of thing [Laughing]
Alina Vadean: Did you ever try to play in concert with some guys from these bands that performed here (Rome, Triarii, Spiritual Front, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Cascadeur)?
Kim Larsen: Not really, but I played on the new album from Ordo Rosarius. I did some vocals for Tomas. I also played with Simone (Spiritual Front). They’re really nice guys. I really love them.

Alina Vadean: What’s your opinion about Dark Bombastic Evening?
Kim Larsen: Well, Doru was, of course, the boss here. He asked me and I said OK. Actually I wouldn’t have said OK. I really don’t like playing alone
Alina Vadean: Was it for the first time when you performed with so many bands, as tonight?
Kim Larsen: I’ve played with Rome, with Spiritual Front, with Ordo, but it was an amazing concert. It was really beautiful!
Alina Vadean: Did you notice any difference regarding the audience here, in the Eastern Europe compared to Western Europe?
Kim Larsen: The audience was really amazing.  There were so many people coming. It reminded me a little bit of Germany.
Alina Vadean: Was it for the first time when you performed in the Eastern Europe?
Kim Larsen: Well, I’ve performed once in Russia, if that’s Eastern Europe. [Laughing]
Alina Vadean: I guess it is more than Eastern Europe.
Kim Larsen: But, excepting Russia, yes, it is the first time when I’ve performed in the Eastern Europe and it was pretty wonderful.
Alina Vadean: So you’ll come back here soon!
Kim Larsen: [Laughing] If someone asks me I will come. Next year, maybe!

Alina Vadean: In the end, would you like to say something to the people that are listening to your music, here in Romania?
Kim Larsen: Oh, yes. I would like to thank them. The people I met here were great. I liked them without a doubt.
Alina Vadean: Thank you a lot for your time and I hope we’ll see you soon with Of the Wand and the Moon.
Kim Larsen: I thank you!

Photo Credit: ©Alina Vadean
Copyright: RockaRolla, Arianrod – Good Music is Good Music, Of the Wand and the

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  1. kim larsen is so talented, his music was outta this world \m/

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