Elite Dark Metal Evening I&II – Concert Review, Photos, Videos

Kogaionon Magazine va prezinta pe larg review-ul evenimentului Elite Dark Metal Evening I&II

” … But still, at Brasov, AGALLOCH offered an immaculate concert! Starting with the long intro of approx. 15 minutes, followed by that “healing” ritual and to “The Lodge (dismantled)”, the song when the guitarists threw themselves on Reduta’s stage in the most dramatic way… everything sounded perfect! Contrary to the fact that the Americans’ videos couldn’t be used, the background scenery resonated perfectly with what AGALLOCH wanted to express!  The 2 hours of Dark Metal are going to remain splendid memories for the public, but also for the organizers and the band… including ALCEST, who sat in the first row of the theatre’s hall. Its hard to find words to describe what kind of pressure and rumble was felt behind my back, me being in the first row, when, during “Not Unlike The Waves”, the public stood up from the comfortable chairs and started moshing in the most Metal way possible! I wouldn’t have been surprised to see some chairs flying around… obviously, the idea was rather appealing to me, but it’s better that nothing similar happened… “Bloodbirds” was the song which really succeeded in entirely detaching me from everything happening that night, the guitar solos outlining me a levitation I’ve never experienced at a Metal concert! Thank you, AGALLOCH, you were ravishing! After the concert, the Americans were assaulted by the audience, with whom they talked a couple of hours, including the time spent in Musik Café… sadly for them and also for us, we had to end everything somewhere around midnight, because the second day has the same importance! …”

Cronica intregului eveniment + galerie foto aici

Filmari de la Elite Dark Metal Evening I& II aici


~ by arianrod on April 2, 2010.

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